How it works for employers at any level:

Sign-up free and post your ad the same way you would with any site. You can include as much or as little info as you like including all the expectations of the potential candidates (licenses, levels of education etc…). Where appropriate you can even include photos.  When your ad is almost complete you will include the amount you are willing to pay the successful applicant. This can be for an hour, a day, a week or an indefinite amount of time, it’s up to you.

Once your ad is submitted members/browsers can look through to see jobs they are qualified to complete.  Here is the twist! Members/browsers can see the amount you are willing to pay and accept that amount with their bid or they can offer to do it for less by reverse bidding.  The job, no matter how big or small, short or long could end up costing you a fraction of what you were willing to pay. You are most likely thinking right now “you get what you pay for in this world” and although there is some truth to that we all know that we far too often pay for much more than we get. does not absolve you of your responsibility to screen and interview the same way you would in any hiring, that is still your due diligence and the lowest bid is not necessarily the winner. You choose the winner taking into consideration all the factors. adds a new competitive aspect to the hiring process that enables a potential employer to get quality service at a lesser cost.

How it works for Job Hunters: 

You could be looking to work for an hour, for example, moving a refrigerator up a flight of stairs, or be an executive, looking for something a little more secure like a fulltime position.  Regardless, you simply follow the same steps:

1.       Browsing-Choose the city or area you wish to work in or browse all jobs in a category.  When you come across a posting you are qualified to complete simply answer the questions asked by the potential employer, these could include “please list Licenses in the field” or “please list previous experience” etc…  This is the part where you sell yourself and convince the employer that you are the right individual for the task.

2.       Bidding- All employers have 2 options
1st is  to leave the payment section blank in which case you will see “Name Your Price” here you can enter any amount you would be willing to complete the job for but Keep in mind others will be doing the same.

2nd the employer can set a maximum price they are willing to pay.  You can still offer to do it for more but do not expect the best results.  You can accept the amount offered, or, and this is where it gets interesting, By way of reverse bidding you can offer to do the job for less than what the employer is offering and improve your chances.  The employer will look at your credentials and the price you have offered to do it for and decide who he/she wishes to hire.

3.       Upon winning or being considered for the position you will be contacted by the employer, through means that you have deemed as appropriate, to discuss your credentials and the terms of employment. You will also receive the employers contact info.

4.       You complete the task and once compensation has been completed both parties will have the opportunity to rate the other. Employers and employees building a strong rating will have better luck as they progress using




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